Instructables user and one of the guys at SeeedStudio [xiaobo__] has finally gone and done it: made and ArduinoPhone*.

While all the inner parts are readily available (which is great news for anyone wanting to build their very own, there’s a parts list over at SeeedStudio), the project pulls it off with a neat looking (if understandably bulky) 3D printed enclosure (using a MakerBot Replicator).  Video of it making a call after the break.

The innards of course revolve around an Arduino and a GSM shield that deals with all the cellular stuff, but packed in there is also an LCD, lithium battery and charger circuit.

The best thing about it?  All the source code for the whole thing is up on GitHub.

While we weren’t able to locate the designs for the enclosure, but I’m sure one will surface soon either form the author or made by the community.

*Hackvertisment alert: of course part of the reason for the authors releasing this hack/project may well be to sell stuff on Seeedstudio, making this post an unwitting hackvertisment.  Just so you know.


Github repository:

SeeedStudio recipe:


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